3.6 Evaluate and improve teaching programs

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Using technology for engagement and accountability

Situation In my subject area, there are often a lot of early concepts that students need to learn before they are able to get to the “fun stuff” of being able to create things. I found it very difficult to engage students in this sort of teaching but without it, students were disadvantaged with what …

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Data Science Activity

Situation The WA Curriculum outlines that students in Year 8 should be able to “acquire, analyse, visualise and evaluate various types of data.” They should also “use structured data to model objects and events that shape the communities they actively engage with. They further develop their understanding of the vital role that data plays in …

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Teaching students to code

 Situation As a digital technologies teacher, one of the principal skills that I need to teach students is how to code. The WA curriculum deliberately has a very broad interpretation of teaching coding focussing on the general principles to help students develop crucial problem-solving skills rather than mandating a particular language. This is great in …

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Graduate Coaching

Situation As a graduate teacher, I was able to undertake the Department of Education Graduate Modules. During Graduate Module 1, I was made aware of the professional in-class coaching program.   During my first semester of teaching, I identified that as a graduate teacher I had many areas where my practice could be improved – specifically …

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